The Very Essence of a Woman


The Very Essence of Woman3.july2015

The very essence
of a woman,
is to carry life
in her womb;
And to be
in the arms of . . .
. . . a man,
loves and cherishes her
as his priceless

. . . a man,
is confident enough
to bring out
the best woman
in her.

. . . a man
is strong enough
to embrace her
not just as a lover,
but as his soul-mate
and lifetime partner.

. . . a man
is brave enough
to hold her hand
and look into her eyes,
and say,
“You complete me.”

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Yours and Mine


You and I.3

One of
the toughest ironies
of life:
All that breathe
are timed,
You and I.

And that
everything within,
may either wilt
or turn to ash–
yours and mine.

For though
our bodies
may turn to dusts,
there’d be another
two hearts
beating for each other;
two souls
so deeply entwined
just as
You and I.

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When Heart Fails to Find Its Way Home


Like a Kite.4

Home says:

It’s okay.
You don’t have to explain
why you’re away,
where are you at,
who you’re with,
why you’re there
(and not here).

It’s not because,
I am not
to hear your story;
I am not concerned
at all;
Or I am not taking
your word for it.

It’s just that,
to know you’re well
and safe,
and happy–
and HAPPY–
I am but relieved.

For more than
this silly wish
to be with you–
I always pray–
always, always pray–
for your happiness–
even if it means,
us, being always apart;
or being away from each other for so long;
or you, being forever far away
from me.

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The Very Essence of a Man


The Very Essence of a Man




The very essence of a man,
is to build
and keep a roof
over his
and his family’s heads-
with all his might;
and, with all his strength.

And to have
in his arms:


. . . a woman,
is respectful enough
to follow his lead
into a world
of their own.

. . . a woman,
is trusting enough
to hold his hand
until their bodies repose.

. . . a woman,
is faithful enough
to believe him,
when he says,
“You are my home.”






One Day I’ll Fly Away


(Original date of publishing: June 18, 2015)

Breaking away from the disappointments of cyberbullying, I got busy looking for a job; I wrestled to conclude Spring Semester of 2015; and, I also tutored my three kids via email on Math and English (so they could accelerate from high school to college, and so we can save money). I guess, being proactive had paid off.

For my former attorney (the one who sent me in 2007 to the legal training and certification by the Hawaii State Bar Association and NALS), rehired me as a Legal Assistant and an Office Administrator (for 6-hours-a-day, Monday-Friday). I also earned the required GPA last semester and kept my Dean’s List’ standing. Most importantly, my three kids aced their acceleration exams and now enrolled for a BA, and two BS degrees in a private school. Furthermore, I got a “bonus” from Heaven for landing a dream job in a reputable firm (for 8-hours-a-day, Monday-Friday) in Downtown Honolulu. And of course, for all these, my gazillion thanks to the Almighty, and to Him be always all the glory!

IMG_2799For without His blessings, I could have harbored disappointments and low-morale being bullied. I could have been depressed and sick. For without these gifts, I may not have this courage to write and blog again, as I fear of being misunderstood (because that, to me–is writers’ worst nightmare). For although I am not intimidated by skepticism, and that I honor everyone’s opinions of me; however, cyberbullying is different from assertion of one’s right to free speech. For cyberbullying, is a crime against one’s well-being. Worse, it’s actually an insult to a civilized society.

No matter, I am here, not to compete, but just to give in to this something I so love to do. I am here, not to gain applause, nor to solicit sympathy, but to engulf myself to the flames of my passion, to write and blog, and to blog to write. I am here, because I want to liberate myself from the bondages of the ruins I sustained, as I struggle to raise “my three little kittens” solely on my own, and it’s not by choice. Anyway, . . .

Last, but not least, to you my dearest WordPress friends, who unwaveringly support me for years, and in this journey (to a more meaningful stint in writing creative non-fiction): I am always thankful and humbled by the generosity of lending me your ears. I am sorry–deeply sorry–if at some point, I make you feel , I am detaching from you too. It is just that, during dark moments, I turn to silence in pursuit for solitude. Plus, when hurt and/or angry, I rather not talk.

Finally, please allow me to reiterate that I love writing! And, blogging is my passion that enables our “love affair” to thrive. Please, let me be loyal to my passion. I pray for your kind consideration. My heartfelt thanks, and God bless always!


Just me,
This very tiny,
Mediocre, maybe,
Blogging mommy
In me.

My three little kittens

My three little kittens

Who lost their mitten

Who lost their mitten

I am but their mitten.

I am but their mitten.

. . . now not so little; still my kittens; I will not cry.

. . . now not so little;
but still my kittens;
I will not cry.

When Heart Finds Its Way Home


Subject to fair use; Courtesy of Google Images.

Subject to fair use; Courtesy of Google Images.

Home says,

“Where the hell have you been?

F! What took you so long?


Do you know how worried I am?

I have been sitting here

on this freakin’ doorstep

for hours,

no days,

no no weeks,

okay, okay


I mean years.

Geez, I wanted to drive

and look for you.

But stupid blizzards

got in my f’ckin’ way.

Yeah, unbelievable.

Unbelievable indeed!

What do you mean

the nosy?

No one is here,

you crazy!

They’re gone;

all gone–

long gone.

For quite awhile,

it’s just me–

and now,

with you,

and we’re all alone . . .

. . . so alone.”

Have a good weekend everyone!
Warmest aloha from my blogs to yours.
Happy blogging!

Featured song: We’re All Alone
Featured singers: Hawaii’s Cecilio and Kapono

Angels in Disguised


Someone Like You

There are gifts unwrapped.

There are blessings in disguised.

There are wingless angels amongst us

only passing by–

yet leaving prints and traces

enough to keep us alive.

My heartfelt thanks to the following:

Acacia (Palestine Rose)





Cindy Knoke




Ellie Belfiglio

Esther Ling




Jo Robinson

Julie Sopetran

Julie Weigley

Kirt D Tisdale



Maria F

Marina Kanavaki


Paul Militaru

Rainer Sebald



 PERSONAL: My apologies for the rough submission that went through earlier. I was actually revising this poem I wrote last year. And all the while I thought, I was in a new window–for a completely different post. Apparently, I was in the old post. Sorry.

Although, I honestly don’t mind revising–because true writing–is rewriting–but it is so frustrating to deal with an erratic editor. I hope though it’s just on my end (and none of you are experiencing this hassle).

Nonetheless, thank you for bearing with me! I appreciate your patience. Have a good weekend! Thanks, and happy blogging!

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Featured Song: Someone Like You (originally by Jeykll and Hyde)

Featured Singer: Cheyenne

Their Fairytale




What could be more tragic
than a love
that never
comes into life?

Is there anything
more melancholy
than a song

What could be more piercing
than keeping blank negatives
of photographs
of a dream
never meant to realize?

Is there anything
more agonizing
than seeing two hands
dying to hold each other,
but their fingers
never made it through?

Coz though tears
may not be flowing visibly;
And though groans
may not be roaring loudly;

her heart is drenched,
as his soul remains aching
for their fairytale
they know is true.

Ether Released
By Marina Kanavaki

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By Japkroon

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By Doru

My Angel. . .Mona
By Paul Militaru

Atmospheric Defiance Poem
By Maria F

Come Sit Down with Me by Michael Leunig
By Russel Boyle

De Noi A Depins Si Depinde
By Lleana

Ecco Mormorar L’Onde
By Maverick

El Beso Perdido
By Julie Sopetran

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By Brad’sWriting to Freedom

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Shades of Doubt
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Sketches of Suburban Afternoon
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To Sarit
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The Bridge


LOVE–a four-letter word
that though it sound so simple
and too ordinary,
or very elementary–
to others maybe,
but not for me.

For though the word
may really seems so common,
but when we seek
in our hearts,
we have to delve deeper,
to know
what the act truly means.

For if there’s one powerful word,
that we share in common,
other than life and death–
it is love.
For in its name we are born;
for its sake we are raised;
and only for its glory,
we are remembered best. 

I cry and anguish,
when lovers fall weak;
when they let fear,
and defeats–
kill love and tear them apart.

Coz no matter how hard
a relationship falls apart;
no matter how bitter the ending could be,
it remains
in our hearts–
for it exist
even long before
we are brought
to earth.
This is why
the Holy Book says,
Why can’t we take
God’s words for it?

For even the meanest felons,
and the ruthless criminals–
they too fall.
It’s just that
most of the time
is unfair
that it treats us unevenly,
or maybe just as how
we treat love
so differently.

Weakened by evils
in all faces of adversities,
we often surrender to fate
and retreat to destiny.
Inflicted by the devil,
we mercy kill
the love within.
So we let our demons rule–
and we leave love unattended,
and taken for granted,
when it is
the most precious thing
worth cherishing forever
and ever,
and ever,
and beyond.

But no matter
how fate could be cruel,
I tell you,
goin’ away.
For once it touches our hearts,
it is there to stay!

For even in absence;
amidst distance,
and against all odds,
love remains.
It could move a little,
or might not be
in our very core,
but it is there–
always there–
deep down there.

For more powerful
than the blood
running in our veins:
in defiance of fate,
and will always

only love
has the power
to make us whole,
or bury us alive
in the deepest hole.

if we hang on to it,
no matter how rough
the challenges could be,
and regardless how tough
its ironies may seem,
faith will walk us through
the beautiful bridge of happiness.
And all we gotta do,
is just to hang on.

it is never about falling.
For love survives
and thrives
by holding on.
How I know?
please, please believe me,
I am going through it all.


Even If Our Hairs Turn Gray



Amid gray clouds;
Amid striking rays of sun,
we can always count
on the bluish skies above.

‘Midst tsunamis;
‘Midst manmade catastrophes,
trust that deep purple oceans
also modulate the Earth’s climate;
ever bringing life to fisheries,
and ever ensuring our quality of living.

The winds,
despite occasional gust
and humidity,
they too carry breeze
and energy.

So please,
don’t tell me
I changed.
It’s not true
that “there’s no such thing as forever.”

Because even if our hairs turn gray;
Though our teeth may fall one, or two, or more;
Though our bellies may end bigger than our pillows,
I love you.

I just do.
I always do.

So let’s dobee dobee, dobee do! ; )

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Sing It


No face
deserves a frown;
no mouth
deserves dus and pees.

For cheeks,
are not buckets, nor basins.
For lips,
are not toilets, nor sewers.

For minds,
are not trashcans, nor dumpsters.
For hearts,
are not war fields, nor cemeteries.

Coz no matter how tough;
no matter how bad;
no matter how ugly and sad,
happiness is always just few notes away.

just sing.”
Sing Sing,

sing a poem.
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Incomprehensibly Yours



Why is the shore
so gullible to the waves?

Why is the sky
so lenient to the sun?

Why are the flowers
so generous to the butterflies?

There are a-hundred-and-one things in this world,
which are beyond our understanding–
and amid happening before our naked eyes.

But why decipher
and exhaust ourselves
in finding reasons here and there?

Coz if you really want to know,
you need an open heart to see
and a compassionate soul to comprehend. . .

such hallow beauty
of such ironies
in life.

Where, Where, Where Is It?



Is it among those sparkling stars above;
something too majestic,
yet too high
for a human heart
to reach?

Is it down there in the deepest sea,
hiding in corals of paler shades of pearl and deeper moss of green;
or too buried in the hallow salt and pepper sands
that only the bravest
could feel?

Or is it treacherously hiding
in red-orange and yellow-gold streaks
of the horizon,
too blazing for the
wistfully longing she?

Or maybe it’s the missing note
to the unfinished melody
that she tearfully hums
as the sun goes down, until her tears run dry
and she falls asleep?

But where?
is he?

This Homo Sapien




Revised and reposted as follows:


Earth’s Greatest Legacy


In the vast savanna of Africa,
I came to life.
But unlike my cousins,
who lived million years
before me,
I did not inhabit the trees.


I did hunt and join gatherers,
so I may live.
I roamed and thrived in Africa,
and colonized
different corners of the world
through persistence hunting
and the agility
of my bipedal feet.


I survived wilderness
through the culture
more powerful than the blood
running in my stream.


A victim of melting ice
and rising sea levels,
I had to walk and walk
as a nomad,
until I found the rich soils
to plant the foods
that gave me heat.


Though always bullied
by climate change,
I knew:
I should be a guardian
of nature,
or a loyal friend at least,
but never as an enemy–
more so,
its worst enemy.


Tricked by this-worldly side of me,
I was a slave
of my whims and needs.


A willing prisoner
of material possessions
and temporal needs,
I hurt Mother Earth
and compromised my life
and all lives
poorly thinking
that was how
I should live.


Guilty as charged,
and stricken by greed,
I am responsible
for the evil profusion of CO2,
and demonic dependence
on chemicals
and GMOs too.


I am what I am,
but I can overcome my flaws.

For with a willing heart,
and fierce determination,
I still can mend
the wounds
I caused this world–
as I am so endowed
with knowledge and wisdom.


To heal myself,
this world,
and the universe–
from all iniquities–
is now
my utmost priority.


I am
Homo sapien
to scientists;
A man
to many;
I am Earth’s
greatest legacy,
and I will
always be.



This Mighty Economist


Life is an economist that requires trade-offs;

ever requiring us to give up something for the sake of another;
ever demanding us to consider the costs and benefits of the choices we make;
ever instilling rationality; ever imposing equality;

ever upholding system and purpose
on the things we do,
even on our relationships;

ever crusading for us to commit to standards
amid the availability of opportunities,
amid scarcity of ways and means;

ever ensuring we are giving our best, our very all
to our endeavors,
to our dreams,

even to the friendship
and love
we build and keep.

Grease and Bliss


One of Hollywood’s legacies is the making of musical films that are poignant-to-the bones, and lunatic enough to turn the world upside-down, just like the film, Grease of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.

A 1978, musical romantic comedy, it’s about two college students, Danny Zuko (Travolta) and Sandy Olsson (John) who meet in the beach, and fall in love in the summer of 1958. A certified blockbuster that hits a staggering $394,955,690 (Wiki), Grease is a true oldie-but-goody. From the plot, the songs, and the lyrics of the songs, and the joy that the film and its music brings–I really can’t resist watching it over-and-over again.

However, among all, what I truly love the most, are the real-life characters of the two protagonists, John and Olivia.  As I wish to have that same zest for life that they both carry.

Because eleven days from now, I am turning forty-two. Oh yes, I am aging. But modesty aside, I think I am aging gracefully though. And I wish to keep this zeal in my heart forever. Coz although there are moments, I somehow get intimidated by fine lines starting to appear on my face. But when I am in front the mirror: I never ask “Who is the fairest of them all?” Rather, if I see one, two, three or more, I say: “Heck! I will never worry about you! Life is too short, and it’s ridiculous to spend my time worrying about non-sense wrinkles, nor cruel arthritis,” coz I am even ready for that as well. I rather write and blog, or do any other thing that makes me happy than worry about vanity.

For though aging is inevitable; it’s about fully embracing its ironies. And what should come with the acceptance, is the confidence; never allowing wrinkles define, nor modify my definition of happiness, neither how I see myself and everyone around me. And this is exactly what I like in John and Olivia.

John apparently, is one of Oprah Winfrey’s best friends, and her favorite guest co-host as well. That although I don’t believe in starstruck, but the latter seems to have a charisma, and a charisma discerning power: Coz Ms. O sees the goodness in John. He’s such a darling really, that he knows how to tickle, not one’s fancy, but the hearts of many. For John still dances with fans (of all ages), as if he’s still in a “Grease” mode. Though he doesn’t groove while walking anymore, he remains soft-spoken, sweet and kind-hearted, and so debonair!

And Olivia? Oh, she is beautiful! She remains candid and a sweetheart on and out of stage. I am even tempted to say immortal, but that’s a lie. Rather, she is ever graceful–that’s one thing sure; and, that she is aging gracefully too.

Another bliss that is noteworthy about, and between them two, is their ageless friendship that continues to thrive all these years, and even the ones they maintain with their co-stars in Grease—-amazing! Three videos are up, with my fervent hope it goes the same for everybody.

Many thanks! Be happy! To GOD be always all…………………………the glory!

You’re the One I Want (official video)

You’re the One I Want (nearly four-decades after)

The Wingless Eagle



As the weak heart yearns,
the brave soul dares.

Hope beams
from a tiny opening,
but big enough
for a whirlwind magic to begin.

With a new beginning,
stormy nights are ending.

Gray clouds move,
and the world stop turning;

paving way
for the mightiest eagle
to fly
up, up
and away.

Dancing Our Sanity Away


September Morn

A dance

under the moonlight,

and on top the hill,

where sparkling city lights

and glimmering stars

are witnessing:


grinning in a red haltered dress

and blue heels;

playfully wiggling

my hips

to grace . . .


gearing in a black sleek suit

and white checkered tie,

seriously advancing

your steps

towards my way . . .

As the mono plays,

and our song fills the air,

your right hand

locks on my waist

to stay;

While my lips,

lace on the auricle

of your left,

blowing our sanity


This Transcending Thing



. . .beyond infatuation;
but, to cherish preciously.

. . .beyond regard;
but, to honor dearly.

. . .beyond ache;
but, to hope fervently.

. . .to dream,
and be faithful
to that dream.

. . .to devote,
and be loyal
to that devotion.

To love,
and be loved–
always, forever,
and beyond,
is the beauty
and magic
of this
thing. . .

“. . .called love;”
“. . .called you.”

Cheek to Cheek


~ a dash of fun and jazz to end our week ~

Two lonely souls
found the joy
to lighten the night.

What started with a frown,
had progressed
into something that brought smile–
and it ended
to something
far more than worthwhile.

They talked of anything “under the moon”
and their words rhymed.
They ordered wine
from red to white.
And their smiles,
turned into laugh.

But as the night goes on,
their words
and laughs have gone
and softer,
and softer,
and softer,
until there’s none.

His body pressing against hers;
Her hands are willing captives of his.
While their eyes are closed,
they see nothing;
and, hear nothing.
but throbbing,

“As they’re spending
the night together
cheek to cheek.”

~ Have an awesome week ahead everyone! ~

Featured Song:
Dancing Cheek to Cheek, by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

Just the Same


Come What May.2

Like a gold
burning in flames,
or the blue sky
conquering the haze,
my heart
throbs for you
just the same.

Like the sun
or the moon
nothing change.

For though
we went through
enormous storms;
and that our hearts
were drenched;
rain after rain,
but this

. . . so hold me close,
and hang on tight–
And for once,
let’s close our eyes
and just cherish
this beautiful thing,
come what may.

Featured Song: Come What May, by Lani Hall

In Your Smile



In your smile,
my friend,
I see
of daisies,
and poppies,
with gentle winds
caressing them softly;
as they fall
on my cheeks,
in my palms,
oh so tenderly.

In your smile,
I see
the rainbow:
it’s pulling me
to dance,
while our hearts hum
the sweetest melody.

In your smile,
I see
the waves
and the shore
calmly meet
halfway across–
kissing each other
so deeply
with no remorse,
while the rays
of the pinky sun
and the bluish sky,
their sweet surrender
to eternity
they long dreamed
all along.

Featured Song: In Your Smile, an original Hawaiian music, courtesy of Na Leo.

‘Til the End


Til the End.3

Like the grandeur of green
in spring;

Like the warmth of sun
in summer;

like the crisp scent of pine
in winter,

fill my senses
until the end.

Like dainty drops of dew
in mornings;

Like striking blaze of horizons
in sunsets;

Like shimmering blings of stars
in evenings;

own my all
like there’s no end.

Like salt and sands
to the “blue ocean;”

Like waves and ripples
to the shore;

Like currents and rapids
to the river;

fill my senses

and own my all,

and don’t let this end.



Heat and light
are the foremost
of Sun
in our lives.

The plants,
which give us
foods and oxygen
largely depend
on the Sun
for energy,
and so with all
other living things,
which include us.

The Sun
warms the oceans.
It stirs
and brightens
the atmosphere.
It makes
that breathes
with hope
and dreams.
The Sun
is truly,
the gift
of light
and life.
And it is,
what Tomorrow

A Lonely Afternoon



-Revised and reposted-

It’s two-o’clock,
but it seems
like six or seven.
The grayish clouds
are thickening,
and it’s starting
to drizzle.
While an old melody
starts playing,
a very familiar longing
begins unfolding.

as the “long,
and very “lonely night”
is slow approaching,
are fast rewinding.
While silent tears
to fall,
this very lonely heart,
is inevitably missing;
uncontrollably hoping;
and, so undeniably

One Fine Day


One Fine Day

Heart says:

are the sweetest thing
that has ever happened to me.
For each day with you,
is like
the first time:

I feel the fluttering butterflies
in my stomach
even the marching ants
in my pants.

I hear the wanting honeybees
every morning,
on my brain;
oh, and not to mention,
my ears can’t ignore
the singing mynas
serenading me
at night.

I see a mob of pink seagulls
flying around
the double rainbows
up, everywhere
above us;
and the blue pigeons
hovering in flocks
on both sides.

I can feel your throbbing heart
for me
and for me
just as this
beats and throbs
only for you–

. . . notwithstanding the Pacific Ocean,
nor the hundred miles,
neither the grandest walls
and the toughest barricades
between us.

For every breath,
and every sigh
bring this body
to ecstasy;

For each line,
and each word,
carry me
and hoist my soul
to serenity.

Featured Song:

HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE is originally written and recorded by the English group, the Bee Gees.

It was a certified hit during the late 70s, and not only in United Kingdom, but also in the United States and Australia. Wikipedia reported, the song “topped the Billboard Hot 100 (becoming the first of six consecutive US number-one hits).”

Guiltless Indulgence


Shivering to Bliss

Tender limbs quiver,
as bewhiskered slithers.

. . . giving in to the caver;
. . . retreating to the burrower:


while abandoning morals
and relinquishing principles–

helplessly conceding to an ache that dominates;
feebly letting love and hate collide–

as two ravenous give in
to a passion burning deep inside.

All About Mihran


All About Mihran

Original posting date: August 17, 2014.

Thank you, Mih–for your kindness, your patience, your friendship–thank you!


I have blogged for years now. But I never met a man as gentle and kind as Mihran Kalaydjian. Because aside from the fact that he had been so generous reblogging my posts, there was this one very warm conversation I had with him.

When I posted my condolences to our dear Ajaytao, I made Mihran cry that day. Although I was worried if I made him cry because I wrote bad; or I wrote something for Oscar’s (coz I do have the tendency for drama), but I was really touched with his honest sentiment. Coz Mihran never met Ajay, yet he shed a tear for him. He even asked me “Why am I crying, Aina?” I told him, “It’s because Mihran, you’re a gentleman with a very big heart and beautiful soul.” And so we were both crying in the end.

And I mean those words up to this very minute that I am writing this post. I could go on forever enlisting all the great things I appreciate in Mihran. So, I narrow it down to ten, and they’re below:



2. He reblogs everyday, and in his most sincerest ways.

3. He visits, reads, likes and comments in our posts.

4. He has a picture of his brother (with his wife and beautiful kids) in his Awards and Accomplishments Page.

5. He writes free of ambiguity.

6. He uses simple words in straightforward ways.

7. He bridges bloggers–and

8. He is a live conduit of goodwill and friendship.

9. He has a heart as big as the world.

10. He has a soul as enormous as the universe.

I guess, what I am trying to say:
Mih, thank you for coming our ways! Thank you for the kindness you do everyday! Thank you for being a true gentleman in every way! You earned not only our respect, but our hearts as well. May all the blessing of Heaven and Earth be upon you, my friend! A million thanks to you kind thing!

P.S. Please own the message of the song below. It’s for you. I thank you with all my heart and soul!


The Audacity To Be Me


Subject to fair use--all copyrights belongs to Vanity Fair.

Subject to fair use–all copyrights belongs to Vanity Fair.

“I am what I am,” Gloria Gaynor.

The Arthur Ashe Courage Award, a standing ovation, a very supportive family and a stunned audience of prominent figures–are but a few of the blessings that the brave Caitlyn Jenner is reaping for her courage to be herself and just as she wants to be.

Sports correspondent Bette Harris of the Associated Press reported, “Caitlyn Jenner accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs on Wednesday night while urging acceptance for others who are transgender.”

Furthermore, Jenner, a U.S. Gold-Medal Olympian in 1976 (decathlon) apparently “received a standing ovation from some of the sporting world’s biggest stars after her 10-minute speech during the annual awards honoring the year’s top athletes and moments,” Harris stressed.

She added, “Abby Wambach of the U.S. soccer team that won the Women’s World Cup presented the trophy to Jenner, whose voice broke as she thanked members of her famous family, including stepdaughters Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Tears welled in the eyes of Jenner’s younger daughter, Kylie, whose sister, Kendall, wiped a tear from her eye.”


AP also reported that for Jenner, the “. . . transition has been harder . . . than anything . . . she can imagine;” and, that “she is in the process of becoming a woman” just as she admitted to Diane Sawyer last April on an interview aired by ABC.


We are on the 21st Century. In this era, it truly pays to be bold and daring. But regardless of generations and trends, the greatest rule of the thumb remains to be “Honesty is the best policy.” And this very old–yet still authentically gold adage still rules even to this very modern-day, when boys can play Barbie Dolls, and men can dress better than Barbie like Caitlyn.

But don’t get me wrong. I am a fan; I honestly am. As I truly admire her aura, her choice of clothes (for those simple, plain colors, and very limited jewelries are clear picturesque of elegance in style), even her make-up, and her physique (for it takes rigid discipline to have a well-maintained body. Most importantly, I love her guts!

Moreover, I think that it’s a virtue to walk out from a marriage that doesn’t work and is unhealthy.

Caitlyn 2

At the beginning though, I thought everything was a rumor; and it was all for the sake of the rating of the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, after following all her interviews–where she sounded so sincere–she earned my utmost respect, and outright, I corrected the notion.

For that is one of the toughest things to do, to “come out of the closet” and be truthful to ourselves amid fears of reject and condemnation.

On transgender, in our psychology class, we learned homosexuality used to be a psychological condition. And it wasn’t until early 70’s when the very young science of psychology accepted it; thereby, easing the stigma that came with it. Therefore, we, the society should follow.

To end, Caitlyn’s appeal is below:

“Trans people deserve something vital, they deserve your respect,” she said. “From that respect comes a more compassionate community,” (Harris, Associated Press, 2015).
Bravo! Caitlyn Jenner, bravo!

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In this Time Machine



In this time machine
called life:
I only let
two hands
who I am.

The short
hauls my struggles
and defeats,
to which
I do contemplate–
even defy–
but only
in a limited time,

for I can’t dwell
on sorrows.

The long
enraptures love
and fulfillment,
to where I focus
my energy
and the best of me;
and to where I rest
my happiness,

for I am weaving
a life well-lived.

But no matter
how “the going gets tough
and the tough gets going;”
no matter how they seem
And that the first
seems always ahead
of the latter;
And amid both
are seemingly going
in a never-ending circle—
I am keeping faith
and hanging on.

For I know,
they’re always working
for a brand new day–
I so love,
called tomorrow.

You’re nothing like they claimed



It is a privilege to reblog this post–thank you, Shandra!

Originally posted on Shandra White Harris With Heart Wide Open:

Although these fine folks had been family friends for more than 15 years, We’d never, but in passing. met.

They lived catty-corner from my Grandparents in the small (is it fair to say miniscule?) town in which my dad had grown up. The same one we returned to for 30+/- years each hot (v-e-r-y) hot summer. Indeed it is well-known their care, friendship & love is the main reason my pioneer spirit Grands were able to keep and live “independently” in their home of 50 years as age, and it’s ever faithful companion Father Time, marched relentlessly on.

I’d not been here since 2010. By choice. The tension. A cold shoulder. The looks. Sometimes one must just say ‘no thanks.’ Enough said.

Back to here. People milling about . A petite silver-haired, purposeful woman came down the few  stairs.  We’d never really met until recently.  I’d heard about The Browns…

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